An apple based girl I made to include in my college application portfolio.
My boyfriend has gotten me into Dungeons and Dragons recently, and while thinking about ideas for characters I came up with this little guy: a warlock whose patron took his facial features as payment.
Pumpkin Talksprite
I was grabbed by a sudden urge to create a PNGtuber talksprite for myself, based on my sona, Pumpkin. She has 12 expressions that I'm able to switch behind while recording footage: Neutral, thoughtful, joyful, fearful, annoyed, angry, sad, focused, mischievous, bored, masked and "KILL."
This was a fun opportunity to show off her personality and expand her design.
Phunny! Scythe
The developers working on Phighting! revealed the latest playable character, Scythe, and I immediately knew what I had to do: Give her a design for my clown au, Phunny!
I decided to make Scythe less of a performer and more of a ringmaster in terms of outfit. She feels more dignified and commands more respect than the other characters, I don't think a regular clown attire would suit her well. Regardless, I imagine she can still execute a mean acrobatics routine. The skirt of her coat is tear-away, so she can launch into performance without issue at a moment's notice.
Toxicsona 2.0
Slightly updated Pumpkin for the second Toxicsona stream! I tried to give her a bit more personality and lore this time around, though her appearance didn't change too drastically. Next go around I'd like to try and push her design and themes further.
Species Archetypes
Some designs I made for a little something I'm cooking up, related to the webcomic I want to make someday. These designs are meant to be archetypes of the different races of the main species in the comic. I made them to introduce the different races and show what makes them all different! There's six races in total.
Puella Magi!
Had an idea for a cool magical girl series but I worry it would be too Madoka-esque.
Some clouds I made to appear in my comic maybe.
Rare Non-Spoiler Concept Art
A small snippet of concept art for one of the comics I'm developing in the background. These outfits are for the first chapter.
Styx Expressions
Playing around with the expressions of the main characters for a comic I'd like to make in the future. It was a fun exercise to practice drawing on-model (I really tried..) and also to convey their personalities a little bit! And of course, to play with alternate outfits for Soapie.
Phighting Clowns
This year I learned of the existence of the magical Clown Week, and as an avid clown enjoyer I felt I should make something to celebrate the occasion. At the time my main fixation was the game Phighting, so I decided to redesign a large portion of the main cast (as well as a few of my OCs!) as various types of clowns and fools. It was a fun project, experimenting with different styles of costume and attempting to tailor each design to the character's personalities and quirks. A whole truckload of thought went into each of these little guys, and by the end I had thoroughly run out of steam. I do want to pick the series back up in the future, and finish off the roster with the rest of Phighting's cast, as I have a few more ideas I would like to explore. Maybe for Clown week 2024!
Stormy the Raincloud
The titular main character of my currently (as of writing) ongoing webcomic. A rain cloud who hates to rain, just trying to get to tomorrow.
Major supporting character from the webcomic I'm developing. A travelling merchant and his dragon steed, moving across the land in search of the most pure sales figures.
Blobsona Character Sheet
A toxic slime version of Pumpkin, created as a submission for the Phisnom toxicsona stream.
Here's where Pumpkin appeared live on stream!
Splatoon 3 Cast
I do not have self control when it comes to Splatoon. You can imagine how excited I was when the third game was announced, NOT because I would get to play it (although that was a big reason) but because I'd get to create so many new OCs.
Planchette and Switchblade
Some characters I cooked up for a high school illustration assignment. They're a psychic and an occultist who are roommates who do platonic roommate things like fistfighting demons behind Denny's.